Roof Cleaning

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Roof Cleaning

Tile roofs, shingle roofs and metal roofs all need cleaning every 2-3 years on average. As an South Wales based roof cleaning specialist, A-1 Quality Painting & Pressure Washing understands your needs when it comes to your roof cleaning project.

It’s important to note that many roofing associations recommend certain low pressure cleaning techniques that are both effective but also don’t damage the roof in the process of cleaning. Be wary of any high pressure washing services other companies may offer, they could possibly both damage your roof and void the warranty.

No need to worry, our soft touch roof cleaning services are safe, effective and a proprietary system you will only find here at A-1 Quality Painting & Pressure Washing. Low pressure roof cleaning is our specialty, serving the Orlando and Central Florida area for over 25 years, we bring the quality and reliability you demand from a roof cleaning company.

How it works

The Render Clean roof restoration service follows a four step process:

Step 1. One of our qualified surveyors will carry out a Free Roof Survey, leaving you with a detailed report and answering any questions you might have.

Step 2. Then we’ll conduct and External Overhaul, realigning and replacing damaged or missing tiles; re-pointing or re-bedding ridge/hip tiles; checking leadwork before masking up windows, doors and rooflines using clear plastic sheeting.

Step 3. We’ll Pre-wash your roof to remove oil, grease, lichen, algae, moss and dirt.

Step 4. Finally we then apply a Biocidal Wash to kill all pesticides and prevent future moss, lichen or algae growth.

Roof Cleaning

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